Old Chippendale Glass Salts

Traditional double handled glass salts with the distinctive Chippendale 'trophy' shape. Look out for our 20th century Chippendale celery vases and jugs in 'More of this kind of thing' below...
Designs vary approx H6cm.

2nd hand
£ 6.00

The original design was developed and manufactured in the USA under the 'Krys-tol' brand. Davidson manufactured it in the UK and bought the moulds, trademarks and UK sole manufacturing rights to the collection in 1933. The Chippendale range was hugely popular and very successful in both the States and the UK but was a flop in Australia. Davidson developed the range into a huge collection including cake stands, dishes, salts, jugs and bowls of every size and shape, they also introduced two colours so you will sometimes see the more popular Chippendale shapes in amber or green glass. Davidson continued to manufacture the Art Deco inspired glass until the early 1960's.

1920s and 30s Chippendale Glass Salts