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Welcome to REinspiration, a new section of our site, designed to be less about shopping and more about ideas and cREativity. We see inspiration as a two way street and REally hope that some of the places and spaces we’ve chosen, will in turn inspire you to create individual style in your own home and garden. We know (because you’ve told us!) that you like to see our products in REal settings, so we’ve included lots of images of our ‘stuff’ in interesting places, indoors and out – some familiar, others more unusual! Enjoy browsing and we hope we’ve given you a little REinspiration!


Indian Summer

As the heat of Summer mellows into the gentle warmth of early Autumn, we all want to catch the last of the sun’s rays. Dine al fresco or simply sit back and relax. We hope you'll be inspired by some of the outdoor spaces we’ve found, gardens, patios, decks and balconies, and make the most of the late summer sun.