Day of the Dead

'Dia de Muertos' is a Mexican festival celebrated throughout the country, and also in other cultures around the world, from the 31st of October to the 2nd of November. The holiday is a positive celebration of the dead, gathering people together to remember, and pray for, their deceased family and friends.. During the 3 day festival families visit the graves of loved ones to clean and decorate them with offerings, usually sugar skulls, Marigolds and the favourite foods of the departed. These 'ofrendas' are also placed in homes, left out as a welcoming gesture for the spirits of the deceased. The 'calavera' or skull is a common symbol of the holiday and 'calacas', models of skulls or skeletons, are used throughout the festival and linclude skull masks worn by revellers, small figures made out of carved wood, fired clay or papier mache and sweet treats inscribed with the name of the recipient. Another traditional food is 'pan de muerto' a sweet bread made in different shapes and sugared to look like frosted bones!

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