Travel Altar

Tiny brightly coloured plastic folding travel altar, or Saint wallet, from Mexico. Each one is unique and features pictures of the madonna, saints and a tiny charm. Closes with a press stud and pops easily into a purse or pocket.
Designs and colours vary.
9 x 5cm when open

£ 4.95

The 'travel altar' or 'saint wallet' is a bit of Mexican Catholic folk-magic that utilises religious imagery to effect magical results. Shaped just like a regular money-wallet when folded and snapped shut, this crochet-edged vinyl-and-rayon compendium of symbols unfolds to its full 9cm x 5cm and reveals the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Virgin of Guadalupe, a tiny saint medal hung from glass seed-beads, two swatches of diminutive reproductions of old hand-tinted photo-postcards of saints, a piece of a genuine novena prayer folded up and wrapped in yellow cellophane, and two more-or-less random saint-prints, one within the wallet itself and the other displayed on the vinyl back-flap when the item is opened. The matter of selecting which saint to carry on one's person is complex. Certain saints are invoked for the protection of travellers, others to cure specific diseases, and still others to bring money to the bearer.

Travel Altar Travel Altar