RE Gift Vouchers and Wedding Lists

Our origami gift vouchers can be ordered in multiples of £5 Tell us who you would like it delivered to and add a special message. Vouchers are posted free of charge but carriage charges are added for delivery of the goods.

If you would like to set up a wedding list account, or would like more details please telephone us on 01434 634567

From £ 5.00

A gift like no other...

almost good enough to be a pREsent in their own right, many lucky recipients of RE vouchers choose to keep them as souvenirs even after redeeming them!
Each voucher is individually made from a different vintage map and numbered with original old bus tickets. Folded origami style into the classic 'fortune telling' snapping square; beloved playground game of the pre social media generation.
Simply unravel the cryptic message on your voucher and enjoy spending in store or on line!

RE Gift Vouchers and Wedding Lists