Mexican Milagros

Fabulous painted tin flies and lizards ready to hang.
Mexican milagros were traditionally used as good luck charms.
Fly W13cm
Lizard L10cm

From £ 5.00

In Spanish 'milagro' literaly means 'miracle' these religious folk charms are traditionally used to heal an ailment, or in gratitude for prayers answered. Milagros come in many shapes and sizes, often parts of the body or organs especially the heart. The charms can be flat or three dimensional and made from gold, silver, tin, lead, wood, bone or wax. Milagro symbolism is not universal for example a leg may be used to pray for the improvement of a limb or might also refer to safety whilst travelling. As well as being attached to altars, shrines and places of worship milagros have become popular charms.

Mexican Milagros Mexican Milagros