Memento Cushions

During the second half of the 20th century cheaper travel allowed holidaymakers to reach ever more exotic destinations. Like todays' travellers most people wanted to return with souvenirs and mementos of their trips. Mementos often took the form of easy to pack textiles - embroidered tablecloths, printed tea towels, mats, lace doilies, hankies and of course the headscarf. Many date back to the mid 20th century and as keen collectors we've managed to amass a large collection over the years many of which are still worn! We use the collection as inspiration for our range of silk Memento cushions - adapting sizes, colours and imagery to retain an authentic feel but to also give them a contemporary look. For the perfect finish we back them with silk jaquard fabric woven for mens' ties making each one unique - a 21st century Memento!