Our old domino sets are available in 'double 6' or 'double 9' all are lovingly worn from use. Dominoes originated in China in the 14th century but the first recorded European reference of the game being played was in the courts of Venice and Naples. The word domino is from the French 'black and white hood' worn by Christian priests and it's believed that the game arrived in Britain via French prisoners of war in the late 18th century. The game quickly became popular in inns and taverns. Each tile represents every permutation of the throw of two dice plus a blank making a total of 28 tiles. This is the standard 'double 6' set although double 9 sets are also available from us and allow a wider range of games to be played. (In the USA double 12's are also still popular). There are numerous domino games Fives and Threes, All Fives, Double Nine Cross and Honest John to name but a few!